How MDR Fills SASE and ZTNA Cybersecurity Gaps



The COVID-19 pandemic has forced most enterprises to change how IT operates. However, the rush to adopt new modes of work, such as remote users, work from home users and cloud services, has created numerous cybersecurity concerns. Faulty VPN configurations and sloppy policy design have left many organizations exposed and vulnerable to attack. 

Simply put, enterprise support for remote workers increased their vulnerability footprint, and most were not ready for the consequences. Others attempted to leverage new technologies, such as ZTNA (Zero-Trust Network Access), or SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) to harden their networks against attack. Yet, many have found that just locking down their network connections at endpoints or the edge was simply not enough. Other types of attacks, such as ransomware or data exfiltration, still managed to succeed, and technologies such as ZTNA and/or SASE did nothing to reduce insider threats.

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