FBI Warns that ProLock Ransomware Decryptor Corrupts Encrypted Files

From securityboulevard.com

A new ransomware named ProLock is affecting various industries in the United States, and the FBI is warning companies and other interested parties that the decryptor doesn’t work, and causes data loss.

The FBI’s policy has always been to resist the demands of hackers, and it’s the same advice offered by cybersecurity experts. There are a couple of good reasons for not paying the ransom. First of all, the money is likely to land in the hands of criminal organizations, which could include terrorists. Secondly, it encourages continuation of this crime.

There’s a third reason, although it might not seem as important as the other two. There’s always a chance that the hackers will take the money and never send the decryptor back. Or, just as bad, the decryptor is poorly made and corrupts the encrypted data.

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