ECHO project

This page is dedicated to the coordination activities of BU-CERT and the ECHO project (EU H2020 project grant agreement no 830943). The purpose of this joint venture is to promote applied research within the remit of BU-CERT with a view to contributing to a higher TRL research output.


  • [April 2020] 2nd Cyber Threat Intelligence information sharing tabletop exercise (INTERNAL). Public facing information will be hosted here in due course.

#### 24.4.2020 Tabletop exercise communication to constituency and public ####

DISCLAIMER: Any names, incidents, characters and places appearing here are ficticious. Some threat intelligence information may be referencing real cases, but it is strongly advised that any statements on this page should not be used in any decision making outside the scope of this exercise.

  • @11:32am [Misinformation campaign] There is a spam email from sender advertising a book on the origins of COVID-19. We believe that the information contained is not scientifically true or valid and this is an attempt to opportunistically exploit the pandemic to have a financial gain.