CYBERWARCON – Foreign influence operations grow up


From the Chris Krebs keynote to highlighting third-string, nation-state entrants into the cyber-arms race, the art of targeted disinformation is heating up here at CYBERWARCON. Two years ago (the last time the conference happened), the disinformation efforts were relatively unsophisticated, but now threat actors are spending serious time and effort crafting all the steps of the attack, and finding out what works.

More sophisticated actors are spending a lot more time infiltrating corporate email undetected. In this way, if they can quietly control email, in an email-in-the-middle attack, they can silently referee and exert selective information on very specific parts of the organization.

The phishing is getting better too, with more targeted efforts surrounding would-be conference speakers and news reporters. The ruse for speaker hopefuls it to pretend to be a conference organizer and explain they have been accepted as a speaker at a prominent event, but they have to register by clicking the link, which harvests information on a fake, usually cloned, website.

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