Apple Unpatched VPN Bypass Bug Impacts iOS 13, Warn Researchers


The vulnerability can be exploited to reveal limited traffic data including a device’s IP address.

An unpatched bug in the latest version of Apple’s iOS is blocking virtual private network (VPN) applications from cloaking some private data transmitted between a device and the servers they are requesting data from. While the bug remains unpatched, Apple is suggesting steps users can take to reduce risk, researchers state.

The bug, outlined in a report by ProtonVPN, impacts Apple’s most recent iOS 13.4. The flaw is tied to the way VPN security software loads on iOS devices. Post launch, VPN software is supposed to terminates all internet traffic and reestablishes connections as encrypted and protected. Researchers said the Apple VPN bypass bug in iOS fails to terminate all existing connections and leaves a limited amount of data unprotected, such as a device’s IP address, exposing it for a limited window of time.

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