5 Reasons Why Mobile Application Security Fails

From securityboulevard.com

mobile application security

Traditionally, large organizations and the enterprise have been the focus for hackers and malicious attacks, but in recent years, the rise of sophisticated hacking tools and leaked databases on the dark web, in conjunction with the proliferation of mobile devices and the wealth of sensitive data stored on those devices, have made mobile devices an easier and equally fruitful target. The rise of remote working and BYOD has also made individual devices a potential ‘route into’ a larger organization.

Storing information on devices and the use of insecure, unsanctioned apps—which may not be compliant, could violate privacy or be prone to hacking or leaking—has become more prevalent. As a result, mobile application security is at the top of many businesses’ risk list. Almost all employees now regularly access corporate data from their smartphones; that means keeping sensitive information out of the wrong hands remains a complex issue for many businesses. The cost of not securing sensitive data remains high, with the average cost of a corporate data breach standing at an eye-watering $3.92 million.

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